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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  March 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and it's almost 5:00. headed out the door in the next few minutes -- >> it will be a nice day. chilly in spots. when you look at the temperature range, consider the fact this time of the year f you're near -- if you're near a body of water, it's a difference. a 20-degree spread. let's show you what is is happening. clear skies and light winds. temperatures in will pepper in the 20s -- in culpepper in the 20s. fredericksburg is 31 and so is richmond. the difference to arlington and rockville at 43. 37 at college park. 40 up in columbia. today at a glance, another beautiful day out there. lighter winds than yesterday. we will see the temperatures pushing to the 60-degree mark once again at 5, here's angie.
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>> reporter: so glad to have you join us early. we hope you are off to a good start. we want to tell you that all the construction from the last half an hour, things are wrapping up nicely. we just have one pending project i will get to in a moment. gofer overall, beginning with i- 95. towards the mixing bowl, smooth sailing. duke street, at speed here towards the 14th street bridge. as you make your way into dc, the construction on the key bridge out of roslin, it's gone. looking like you got your lanes back. high maryland drivers headed southbound. everything looking good out of frederick. making your way down past 109. as we go the maps, malboro pike should be closed. until tomorrow, that's because of the ongoing construction. the good news, there's detour in place, and there's a way around it. audrey, back to you. today is the day the gay
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and lesbian couples in the nation's capital ha have been -- capital have been waiting for. kristen fisher is live with more. kristen. >> reporter: that's right, audrey. we are here because this is where the very first same-sex wedding will be taking place in dc, and it all starts this morning here at 9:30, and then there will be two more weddings later in the morning right here at this location, and then a fourth same-sex wedding late her afternoon at the all souls church. the reason it's significant is because that is where the act which legalized same sex marriage in the district, back in december, that's where the act was signed. now about 150 gay and lesbian couples stood in line to apply for their licenses last wednesday, the first day the same sex unions became legal in dc. the reason they had to wait for today is because of the three-
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business day processing period. the first couple in line was senjoca and her partner, anglesa young. they are be the first same-sex couple to wed in the nation's capital. listen to what they had to say last week after applying. >> we wanted to be first in the line. it's like waking up christmas morning, and you get this great gift. that's why we are here. we just wanted to -- >> we didn't want to be waiting. >> reporter: now their happiness is not shared by all. opponents to the same-sex marriage have been fighting to the very end. in fact, last week they filed a last minute emergency petition to the u.s. supreme court to block the weddings taking place today from ever taking place. the supreme court denied their petition, and these weddings are still a go. again, starting right here at 9:30, and we will be live all
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morning long to bring you the latest. >> audren -- latest. audrey, back to you. >> thank you, kristen. members of the west borough baptist church in kansas picket funerals claiming u.s. deaths in afghanistan and iraq are punish. for the nation's tolerance of homo sexuality. the court will hear the appeal from a father of a marine killed in iraq. the boy at the center of an amber alert is back home safe and sound. rahaswn robinson was with rowand edgar. she was not expected to pick him up yesterday. at this point, no charges have been filed. updates on the death of a
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jogger running near the mall. police have identified the woman who ran into the path of a tractor trailer as 51-year- old debora ann schiavo of northwest. investigators say she was hit toward saturday at the intersection of 14th street and constitution avenue. the driver of that truck had contacted police. we are told no charges are charges are pending. just -- -- no charges are pending. just as toyota trying to prove the problems are not related to electronic malfunctions, a driver in california was out of control. james spikes called for help when his accelerator stuck in san diego. the prius hit 90 miles an hour and officer todd nieburg went in front of the speeding vehicle and used his patrol car to stop it. >> when i saw him, i could smell the brakes. >> there's nothing wrong with my mat, and the pedal wouldn't
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do anything. >> reporter: toyota is denying claims its' cars onboard computer can fail, but the driver of the prius, said he will never drive the car again. toyota is sending a team to investigation the incident. time is 4:06. the latest living smart report. jessica doyle with a preview of wall street. >> reporter: it's a big anniversary on wall street today. that an verse i have, a year ago today stocks hit bottom in the selloff brought about by the recession it may not feel like it when you look at your portfolio, but we have seen remarkable gains. the nasdaq up 60%. nothing changed about the japanese market overnight. the dow at 10,532 after losing
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13 points. the s&p 500 dropping by a fraction. the pace of mergers and acquisitions is up 21% compared to last year. metlife's deal for aig's american life insurance helped the numbers yesterday. deal logic said it brought the total value of the deals around the world this year to $500 billion. traffic backups and crowd control, the lineup for a federal job fair. thousands lined up a the university of maryland in washington it caused a traffic backup on i-95. senator mark moyer's office said another fair will be plan in the next few weeks. we are starting to see the hiring pick up. that's a good thing. >> coming up in the next half an hour? >> reporter: we have our money saving tip of the day and tips to make it cheaper when you want to drive off in a new car. everybody wants to save money.
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>> reporter: yep. the montgomery county police office has opened an investigation into a scandal at the churchhill school. parents learned that 35 teacher electronic gradebooks were affected. at least eight students hacked the gradebooks and changed the grades for themselves and 46 other students. most were juniors. more people are being let go at dc public schools. 18 staff members were fired. all were with the office of special education. a spokeswoman says the firings took place coat to control cost and improve operations. there's a new reality for public school students in alexandria. starting this week, the school day is 30 minutes longer. that's how the school system will make up for the ten days it lost during the snowstorm. the changes will allow the
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students to get the mandated instruction hours. another u.s. missionary released from jail many haiti. -- jail in haiti. the hunters running into a problem on the first day of python season. if you're a regular wine drinker, you may be winning the battle of the bulge.
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in the news at 5:10, at american missionary held in haiti is freed this morning. tarisa was one of ten americans held on charges of child trafficking. now the only person still jail is the leader of theday the idaho-based church group. a jail date has been set for casey anthony.
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in 2008 anthony said a baby sitter kidnapped her child. police later found the girl's leading rebounder mains near the family's home. florida is holding their first ever python hunting season. experts believe well over 125,000 nonnative pythons are crawling around in the everglades and slowly migrating northward. the first day didn't go so well. one group of hunters got chased away by another nonnative species, killer bees. inaccurate food labels, more coming up. and a tornado across the midsection. >> the storm producing the tornado will bring us changes for the second half of the week. the full forecast when 9 news now returns. to rebuild enamel. th calcium to avoid dental problems act daily.
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tornado season is underway in the plain states. storm chasers captured this video as the tornado hit the town of hammond in western oklahoma it took the roofs off buildings, barns, and other buildings and downed trees and power lines. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. the video is always so dramatic when you see it swirling and all the debris and the stuff
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flying around up there. >> it's awesome, and when you understand the power of the atmosphere and how destructive, this is why they take it so seriously. i lived in oklahoma city for three and a half years in my career. you don't realize the awesomeness until you're there and seeing it and seeing the posteffects and back in laplata in '02 and college park in 2001, some of the destruction we have had. when there's a tornado warning issued, take it seriously. if you don't have a weather radio, treat yourself. it could be one of the best investments you ever make. that storm that got to oklahoma with the tornado will affect us and bring an unfortunate end to the spring weather we have been having. the weather headlines, one more beauty. that's today. wednesday, we could have a shower possible late. thursday, looking like rain and showers maybe in the morning. i will have to jack the p.m.
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out of there. and then friday and saturday, a couple of thunderstorms not out of the west. check the gutters and down spouts. could have a concern out there with how much rain ends up falling. for the next three days, mild and nice. late shower tomorrow. looking like we will have showers and periods of rain on thursday. still mild in the upper 50s. your monthly bus stop forecast, clear and chilly. the big range in the temperatures 30s in some spots to 40s in others. sunny and springlike today. winds less than yesterday, variable. 5 to 10 miles an hour. then tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. the sun will set at 5:39. next week, the sun will set after 7:00. this morning, it's all quiet around here. a couple of clouds in kentucky. the temperatures running from the 20s to the 40s. a big range, and even locally,
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running into 27 in culpepper. 43 at andrews. also also here in washington -- also here in washington. 26 in orange, virginia, and in the valley, low 40s there. feeling like 43 with no winds, and the barometer is slowly rising. the storm in the middle of the country. another little piece of energy, a weaker one with the showers and snow up here. for us, high pressure will dominate for the next few days. that storm in the middle, it's coming. the seven-day forecast. we are nice today. 61. really starting to arrive in pieces on thursday with the rain. then on and off rain showers on friday, and saturday. it could be thunder, and sunday daylight savings time begins. we spring forward. set your clock ahead one hour. howard, thank you. we talk about the time after the 5:00 hour. so glad you could join us, our
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morning friends. we are finding your lanes wide open for business. no accidents to report. the same situation as we head over to the real time graphics here to show you pennsylvania, branch avenue, and 301. all clear. into dc we go inbound new york avenue, appearing the roads out here are doing fine. no real delays for the times building to the 3rd street tunnel. the beltway in virginia, i like what i see. it looks like all the construction zones along the way, they are gone. driver -- the drivers in the green have a clear commute. through the beltway, things are filling out. no significant slow goes at this time. audrey, back to you. in this morning's living well headlines a little drinking may help to keep your waistline smaller. women who are moderate wine drinkers tend to put on fewer pounds than women who don't drink. scientist think maybe women substitute the wine for the
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higher carb snacks. heavy drinking doesn't keep anyone slim. researchers at stanford university found that can a simple dna test can predict if low-carb or low-fast diets will work for you. weight loss of 40 pounds or more could be put with the genetics the test costs $150. the food and drug administration is taking action against companies who make inaccurate and exaggerated health claims on their food levels. warning labels have been sent to 17 companies including gore dan's and nestles. they included unauthorized nutrient claims and the unauthorized use of terms such as the word healthy. the companies have one week to
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inform the fda how they will correct their labels. the nationals' highly touted pitching phenomena with his pitching debut today. the capitals try to maintain their lengthy winning streak. stay tuned for the details next in sports. ñwçwçóóéóob  (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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good morning. i'm sarah walsh with a quick look at your morning sports. the capitals were at home. the 2-0 lead into the 3rd period meant we knew how it would play out. we knew nothing until the clock hits 0. the caps up by one, and ovechkin with his 43rd of the year. that's 2-0, caps. but the stars rally for three straight in the third. three minutes to go. ovy with his 2nd of the night it goes into overtime. on to the shootout with the caps' luck runs out. lou ere rickson wins it. a let -- erickson wins it. a letdown for sure. kyle cooke here with the drive and the team has their
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second state title knocking off the zags. it could be a redskins- steelers swap as one recently released player signs a deal. willie parker was expected to meet with the skins' team officials last night according to the washington post. the 29 year is a two time probowler. he won a super bowl with the steelers and antawn randall proving you can go home again. the receiver released by the skins last week rejoining his old team, accepting a three- year deal with pittsburgh. marcus mason has been claimed off waivers by the chargers who just released ladamian tomlinson. it was announced that maryland and notre dame will be facing each other on the redskins home field on november 12, 2011. hold off for tickets.
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they can be purchased at a later date. the nationals' number one pick making his first spring training start. washington gave stephen a record $115 million. the rookie points out he hasn't even thrown a single pitch in the big leagues. >> honestly, i think it's all funny, because you know there's no way you can determine, you know, how a person's career, you know, is going to turn out. >> he has a fastball that's 100. he has a curve ball that looks like it could hit a bird. a change-upup that looks like a split. >> the exert the, the fans, and strossburg all agree on one thing. he can't wait to take the mound and they can't wait to see him pitch an hour from now. how to search for a new car, coming up. some of the first same-sex
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marriage couples in dc will be tieing the knot. environmentalists have a rare opportunity to track if anything harmful is running into the area waterways. speaking of tracking, we are tracking past 57th to to moderate amounts of alcohol -- to blue and beyond. howard with the weather when we return. gñññññ here's to the believers.
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some people got out to enjoy the pleasant monday next friendship heights in a couple more days, they will need, rain gear? >> welcome back. i'm audrey barns in for andrea rome. thank you for joining us this morning. howard first has the forecast. you know, we are going to hang on to the few precious moments of the glorious weather headed our way. >> today will be the last really nice day for awhile. if you have an extended lunch
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or the tickle in your throat, enjoy it it will be go downhill by thursday, friday, and saturday. tomorrow is the transition day. showing you what's going on. clear skies overhead. some showers to the mississippi river. that's the leading edge of the moisture i expect to see here, probably late tomorrow into tomorrow night and thursday is when we will expect it. locally this morning with clear skies, we have temperatures, 43 in nashville. cumberland, 28. the closer look, you monassis down to 23. springfield, 41. arlington, 23. 37 in brandiwine. we are looking at a sunny day today up to 60 and then downhill after. that angie with -- after that. angie with the traffic. hello, folks. glad you could join us. 95 and northbound, traffic is building, but overall no
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complaints. things moving past duke street. we track the taillights to the 14th street bridge. the dwp parkway is flickering and going crazy. all clear, nothing to report at this time. finally, let down to the maryland alert. this just in. on the outer loop past georgetown pike, word of an accident. overall the flow of traffic is doing just fine. that's before colesville road. this morning six days after the district started to take the applications for the same- sex marriage licenses, the first marriage will take place. kristen has more. >> reporter: audrey this is how it will go down, there will be at least four same sex weddings taking place today in the district. three will take place right outside of this building, that's the human rights commission building. the first one starting at 8:30 this morning, and then -- 9:30
5:32 am
this morning, and then there will be a fourth wedding later this afternoon. oh, gosh, i can't find it. what is it called? the all souls church not too far from here. that's a symbolic spot. that's where the act legalizing the same-sex marriage was signed into law last december. symbolic spot for the wedding to take place. last week, 150 gay and lesbian couples waited in line to get their wedding license. they had to wait until today to get married due to the three- day processing period. the first couple in line, 41senjoya townsend and her partner will be the first couple to wed. i want to tell you about their love story. the two actually met in grad school and they were assigned
5:33 am
to debate opposing sides of the same issue at the university of the district of columbia. they were so good, the group called called it a draw. that's when their connection started. 12 years later, they have been together ever since. townsend is a dc government supervisor. audrey, it's a big day for the gay and lesbian community. they are very excited for their wedding day. and we will bring it back live to you. >> you can see how big it is for them. virginia's attorney general appears ready to do away with the civil rights protections for homosexuals. he wrote a letter to all colleges and universities urging them to drop their policies of discriminating for sexual orientation. state law doesn't grant the
5:34 am
protection according to him. but others disagree. >> he's saying it's okay to discriminate against them. ultimately he's putting the stamp of approval on that kind of prejudice. >> the colleges and universities will be consulting with each other and deciding what to do in the next few days. in annapolis, hundreds of people protesting maryland's abortion policies on monday, complaining the state has some of the nation's most premissive law. state lawmakers said the state allowed $2 million to go to state abortions last year. a carbon monoxide leak yesterday forced six businesses to shut down. firefighters say they recommend that every business install a carbon monoxide detector to
5:35 am
avoid the situation in the future. now to a commuter alert for the drivers using the key bridge overnight. pdot crews shut down most lanes for construction work last night from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the same closure will take place tonight as well. at 5:35, it's time for another living smart report. jessica boyle is back. you're saying the consumers are fed up? >> reporter: yes with lousy service. people are less cranky and do not tolerate the businesses they do business with. almost 1 million complaints in 2009. up 10% from the year before, and the banking industry saw the biggest jump in the unhappy customers. complaints up 42%. banks were the third most complained about industry after a cable and satellite and cell
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phone providers. target will start allowing customers to take advantage of special mobile phone cue port susan offers. -- coupons are offered. target is the first retailer to move to the mobile coupons. with so many recalls in the auto industrial recently, it's a good idea to be cautious when buying your next car. you may want a car shopping service which makes it easy with no a haggle price. consider if leasing or buying makes more sense. get bids from several dealers on both. check reliable websites or newspapers to properly assess the car's value before you buy. you check out my blog or follow me on twitter, and i would love to be your friend on facebook. i'm not buying a car any time soon, but there's good deals. >> i have never got an good deal. i'm not much of a bargainer. i will read your blog and get
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tips. thank you, jessica. later this morning, michelle obama will donate the dress she wore on the first day of her husband's presidency. she will give it to the american history. it will be part of the museum's first lady exhibit. we will show you what this year's white house easter eggs look like coming up. rodeo organizers want to explain how one of the bulls went through the crowd. the gp parkway to the key bridge, it's all green, all clean. we will have more news when we return. stay with us.
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in the news now at 5:39a coroner ruled a fumes for a gas station fire killed a 19-year- old driver in pennsylvania.
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static electricity spark the fire. authorities say make sure this doesn't happen to you. touch the side of the gas pump. it's grounded and it will get rid of static electricity. explosive crews getting their blasting caps out in an effort to reopen the colorado highway. a rock slide shutting down start of interstate 70 yesterday. shutting down in both directions until workers can clear the debris and clear the roadway. rod owe officials say exiting wagons spooked a bull at reliant stadium. it made its way through the crowd before being corralled. two suffered injuried. laughter can be the best medicine for some breast cancer patients. vets at the national zoo released their findings in if the search for a giant panda
5:41 am
pregnancy. the to moderate amounts of-- the springtime weather will continue this morning. i will let you know how long it will last. we will be right back. ñwçwçóóéóob
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a little bit of disappointing news from the zoo national zoo. a second ultrasound showed no signs that the giant panda is pregnant. there was no sign of the fetus on the monitor, but zoo scientists say it can take weeks for the fetus to be visible. the white house unvailed the official souvenir egg and logo for the 2010 easter egg roll itment cost in four colors, purple, pink, yellow, and green and include the stamped signatures of the president and first lady in a continued effort to make it more environmentally friendly, all eggs again have been crafted in the u.s. from
5:45 am
certified hardwood, and the packaging minimizes waste and environmental impact. the egg roll is monday, april 5 april 5th. >> if we could only buy eggs in the supermarket in anything but styrofoam. i say switch to the card board cartons. >> you can recycle the styrofoam too. >> reporter: i will get off the high horse and we have stuff to talk about. springlike, deal with allergies up. there the allergy update from our friends at walter reid medium-sized call center. tree pollen is moderate. grass and pollen are about patient. the mold spores are low. we will get the warmer weather and the numbers will inch up.
5:46 am
the growing season is about to get underway. a much better chance for rain and showers on thursday. highs mild in the up 50s. your bus stop forecast, sunny, clear, and chilly. the bing -- big range. this afternoon, sunny, spring- like again. yesterday, we got up to 62 at national. the wind variable at 5 to 10. a with a little less wind today, i think today may be a smidge belter than yesterday. the sun setting at 6:09 eastern standard time. the radar, not much to see. there's not much on it. a couple of high clouds to the west. otherwise, we are in great shape to start your tuesday. temperatures at 43 here. look at the 20s in charlottesville. richmond, 41. closer in, we have readings
5:47 am
down to 23. it's 43 over to andrews. 306789 at tap ahanick. a big difference whether or not you're by the bay or the city. and indianapolis, whether or not the cities cities have gone dead come. the patomic keeping it clean. the big storm in the middle of the country. producing tornadic weather across the country. move together east it will bring its moisture towards us in waves. the first wave of moisture late tomorrow into thursday. here's the seven-day forecast. 61 today, 5 59 tomorrow. friday and saturday, could have third mixed in as well. sunday and monday, can't rule out a few showers as we cool down. sunday is the first day of daylight savings time.
5:48 am
check the batteries and smoke alarms. remember you will lose an hour. so glad you could join us. great to see our morning friends on the outer loop. traffic alert for you, the ax taking away the left lane. slowed down traffic doing okay. approach with auction if you're headed out that way. we are slow around the american legion bridge. 66 eastbound. filling out from 234 over to 29. our next stop at i395. tracking the northbound trip. slow into dc we go. live from connecticut into cathedral avenue. finally interstate 275. the trip filling out just a bit down towards the split. over to audrey. >> thank you, angie. laughter yoga was her natural prescription for pain
5:49 am
relief after breast cancer surgery. the technology led nara to produce a dvd. andrea has more on getting the most out of laughter. >> reporter: there is absolutely nothing funny about cancer, just ask merra barry when she stops laughing. >> my mammogram didn't pick up the breast cancer tumor. i found it myself. >> reporter: that was in 2001. the mastectomy and the chemo were so debilitating, she couldn't get out of bed. >> i had to be carried to the bathroom. i felt like every bone in my body was broken. >> we are not laughing at each other. >> i would force myself to laugh and watch my belly going up and down and that would relieve my pain. >> we are just going to go like. this >> reporter: the laughing yoga moments started ten years ago
5:50 am
india. she became a certified instructor to help others laugh away their pains and boost their immune system. >> i tell people they leave their inhibitions at the door. >> it's fun. why not? you know laughter is good for you. >> what the heck. if we can't be silly in the room that says it's time to be silly, where can we be sillfully. >> it's the actual laughter that is good for your lungs. it increases your lung capacity. you're breathing. every time you laugh, you're using so many muscles, people don't realize how many they are using. >> reporter: nothing funny to make you laugh? mira says fake it your brain cant tell the difference. start with a chuck and will build on that. -- chuckle and build on that. >> that was andrea roae
5:51 am
reporting. there will be -- roane reporting. there will be test of it this weekend. you can read more about the fight against breast cancer any time on check out andrea's blog. there's negative buzz about what wasn't included in the telecast of the oscars. more coming up. and today marks one year since wall street bottomed out. the lessons we have learned, and what we can expect in the future. in morning in the examiner, a metro memo putting the destroyed rail cars from the deadly crash in june at over $25 million. the district has to pay millions for the appeals
5:52 am
process of the dozens of fired city workers as it drags on to look. green peace activists are arrested for what they have done. read that story and more in the examiner.
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oh my good. i have what's buzzing in entertainment. two days after the big show, oscar buzz online is asking what was forget on. those who passed away in 2009. no farrah was listed. those in charge said they couldn't pay tribute to every star who died last year. lil' wayne is in the slammer for a year, 8 months. that's if he has good behavior. the grammy winning artist was charged with criminal possession of a well after a gun was found on his tour bus in 2007. he recorded records in anticipation for his jail time: marie osmond's son has been remembered. his brother talked about how the family is coping. >> like any other mother who
5:56 am
loses a child, she's in mourning, and it's tough b all of the kids -- but all the kids and my uncle and everybody is there for her. so many people are there for her, and i think she's doing okay. >> brian had entered rehab in 2007. in our metro mix minutes, the reports for breast cancer research. shopping until they drop for a good cause this weekend at the water front event. press boutique was one of 40 local vendors lined up. they rised money for the georgetown lombardi research division. to see the entire recap, the oscar party picks continue to pour in. this time from the only party in dc. glamour filling the national
5:57 am
museum in the northwest for the third annual oscar night boutique. jeff tong sent us these images. working the red carpet here and movie buffs and volunteers turning out for one of the biggest fund agoing events for the red cross. what's going on where you live? log on to my block and enlist in our coverage. send your pictures, video, and events. i will do my best to share it online and on air. the rfk stadium has the big meltdown. people concerned with pollution are given a rare opportunity to track what is running into the nearby river. scott bloom broom -- broom explains. >> reporter: the snow looks
5:58 am
like ash. and one fisherman says it's too close to the river at rfk. >> it's too close to the river, and how long is it going to last? it's going to be there for awhile. >> reporter: lot 8 at rfk, acres of snow still 12 feet deep. this is where the department of transportation sent the snow to melt. it's melting down. leaving nasty sediment as it melts. headed for the drains that lead correctly to the river nearby. >> well, when i look at that snow pile, i think it's all going into the river. that's what i think. >> reporter: the anacostia river society says it's a lesson to all of us. >> piles of trash bundle up all our problems. road salt, sediment, trash, oil, gasoline, all that stuff ends up in those piles, and you can sort of see it concentrated there on the problems of the river. >> reporter: the river is already stressed from the winter. debris and litter is rafting up
5:59 am
on the shoreline. >> it's outrageous. it's never been like that. >> reporter: the dirty snow, once in a generation opportunity to see the pollution, normally washed away by rains, down 1,000 storm drains, piled up in one place for everyone to see. department of transportation officials reminded this this afternoon, this is one of the reasons they didn't dump the snow into the rivers. at least this way once it melts, they will have some chance to clean up the residue. scott broom, 9 news now. city officials consider street sweeping another important way to keep the debris out of the waterways. residential street sweep willing resume monday, march 22nd. you're watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. howard starts us off with the forecast. wonderful day ahead. we had a great day yesterday. many areas into the low 60s. it was nice. >> another n


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